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Our key partners

The power of Collaborative Research

We believe in leveraging the strengths of the best in the business for a given task and have partnered with the most compelling and advanced collaborative research partners in the world. We ask that you engage and also leverage these phenomenal platforms that provide helpful patient tools and at the same time provide very valuable research information for the betterment of our cause. CHSG, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering with debilitating headache conditions.


CHSG.org is focused on patient-driven research, translating anecdotal data into facts that can be analyzed, charted, and shared with key research and development organizations who are the experts in their field. We represent the patient community in a collaborative effort to increase understanding and awareness of these disorders and potentially ways to reduce their impact on the patient and on society. We engage a very large patient audience to provide education, fact-based Information, and compassionate support.

What is Spiral Research ?

We believe strongly in a continuous research cycle that engages all parties, including the patients, healthcare, researchers, pharma, and government agencies. We call that process Spiral Research, meaning we focus on ongoing data collection, ongoing healthcare review and research leveraging that data in aggregate form, and returning that data back to the patient community in the form of increased knowledge of your condition, treatment options, and ultimately, ever spiraling toward a Cure.


Patient Data

PatientsLikeMe® is a patient network that improves lives and a real-time research platform that advances medicine. Through the network, patients connect with others who have the same disease or condition and track and share their own experiences. In the process, they generate data about the real-world nature of disease that help researchers, pharmaceutical companies, regulators, providers, and nonprofits develop more effective products, services and care. With more than 300,000 members, PatientsLikeMe is a trusted source for real-world disease information and a clinically robust resource that has published more than 50 peer-reviewed research studies.

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Cures Within Reach

Cures Within Reach is dedicated to improving patient quality and length of life through Repurposing Research, facilitating clinical trials testing treatments designed for immediate incorporation into clinical practice. More than 7,000 diseases have no fully effective treatment, affecting more than 500 million people worldwide. Thousands of existing drugs and devices have the potential to be repurposed to treat patients waiting for a cure. We want to see if they work - and we’re not the only ones. CureAccelerator is the world's first online, interactive platform dedicated to Repurposing Research. Please click on the CuresWithinReach and CureAccelerator logos to learn more about this novel approach to finding cures now.

We currently have engaged through CureAccelerator and are actively working on two separate investigational studies with partners found directly through this novel platform. Learn more...

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Research Outcomes, Surveys, and other interesting information!

As we grow our data, the more stories we can tell, about commonality of symptoms, medications, procedures, and even co-existing conditions. Our goal is to translate what is often lost and repeated as anecdotal evidence into real information that will drive new research targets, new reuse targets, and by all means, what is working and what is not. As a patient group, it is really up to us to leverage these phenomenal tools to bring new opportunities to those who have the capital and know how to make it happen. To do that, we need data. Your data. Rest assured, these systems are fully HIPAA compliant and your information is well protected. Data analysis is with aggregated data only. Please also see our Information Privacy Policy.

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